2/23/2007 part 1

It wasn’t all that long ago I set my expectations low,
and promises from empty heads my doleful disappointment fed.
They filled my ears with empty praise and fixed me with their hollow gaze,
and over time, with wounded pride, my youthful, trusting nature died.

For all those years I’d tried to find a way to leave the crowd behind,
results were never what I’d sought — “trust nobody,” is what it taught.
I’ll never be the President — success will be by accident.
I wonder, every now and then, the differences that could have been.

But, honestly, though I may fail to win a prize or blaze a trail,
Whatever else that I have done, I want to know that I had fun.

2 thoughts on “2/23/2007 part 1”

  1. i like it. a lot. it’s very full; a lot is conveyed with little actually said. a trait of a good writer i figure. the more you can say with as few words as possible, the better you are at saying 🙂

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