Bon Voyage!

I don’t always have an easy time falling asleep.  Many times I toss and turn or lie on my back looking at the ceiling.  I try the ‘relax from your toes to your head’ method; I try blanking my mind; I try thinking of a pleasant memory; but more often than not, those things don’t bring sleep.

An interesting phenomenon happened the other night as I lay there wishing for sleep.  My mind’s eye began traveling with astounding speed through an interesting landscape.  It reminded me of the movie Inner Space, where a miniaturized Dennis Quaid travels through Martin Short’s body.  In those few twilight moments, I felt miniaturized.  It was as if I were a tiny speck, zooming at warp speed through places seen best via microscope.  Large shapes loomed over me as I passed, and it was only then that I could tell that these were hair shafts. Shadows revealed themselves as freckles, and ridges became wrinkles.

But it was not merely a landscape of the human body; I saw myself zoom into web-frosted corners where an enormous spider crouched; I was buried in the terrifying clutter of a kitchen drawer.  Anywhere my mind reached, there followed my vision in miniature.  More than once my eyelids snapped open in surprise when I found myself in another unlikely spot.  When I closed them again, the spree continued. The terrain changed so quickly that it all became a blur, and so much flashed by that I was disoriented.

All of this happened in a very short time span; just the few minutes in between awake and asleep.  But when it was over, I felt the need to rest, and I quickly fell asleep.

These minuscule journeys have happened a few times since that first instance, and I’m always glad when they arrive.  I have tried to coax my mind into it, but it doesn’t happen like that.  I can’t think it into being.  I’ve also noticed that it only happens when I lie on my left side, for whatever reason.

I’m sure there is a perfectly boring explanation to it all, but I don’t need an explanation.  It’s an adventure in miniature, and I love it.

I’m going places.

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