The Further Adventures of Bo, the Epileptic Chihuahua

When we last left Bo, he was home from the animal hospital with new medication and a Cone of Silence.  He still didn’t focus very well, and his equilibrium was off, but his seizures had stopped.  His eyes were improving, too.  He was in transition with his meds, and seemed to be doing very well in that arena.

Number One Son noticed that Bo had a lumpy area on his back that felt scaly.  He examined it and thought maybe a bath would help.  Bo was pretty stinky from rolling around in his own bodily fluids, and he needed that bath in a bad way.  Number Young Son agreed to bathe him.  When he brought the Bobo to me, wrapped in a towel, he told me that he couldn’t clean off that one spot on his back that was hard and felt like a scab.  Because Bo hadn’t wanted to be held in those few chaotic days, I hadn’t noticed what he was talking about.  When I looked, I saw a rough area of skin near his neck where his hair was coming out.  The skin looked patchy and dry.

The next day, Number One Son pulled out the loosest hair to clear it away, leaving a large bald patch. I called the vet and got an appointment for the following day.  Poor old Bo.  So again, off to the vet, where it was pronounced a staph infection, of all things.  Apparently, staph is opportunistic, and when Bo’s resistance was down, it jumped.  So now Bo has to be bathed and medicated twice daily in that area, and it’s getting better.

However, the good news is that he’s pretty much back to his old self.  He wags his tail and barks when he’s hungry, and he’s been approaching us for attention.  He doesn’t seem so ‘far away’ in his eyes or his manner now.  I think this new seizure medication regimen will be very good for him.

Bo's bald spot.
Bo’s bald spot.

Let’s hope he can lie low and stay healthy for awhile now.


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