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Everything starts as somebody’s daydream.

– Larry Niven

So a few days back, I was lying awake in bed, thinking about my next post, when my mind began to wander. It does that a lot.  I’ve always been a daydreamer.  I wonder about many things, and I am curious by nature.  Not all of my daydreams are flights of fancy, however; I also think about things that frighten or bother me.


What do I think about?  I think about what it would be like to be male. Deaf. Bald.  I think about what it would be like to fly.  I think about talents I’d like to have (sculpting is at the top of the list), activities I’d like to do (scuba, hang gliding), and places I’d like to go (Australia, Greece).

I think about patterns and numbers and words.  I played word games with myself long before I ever played them with my children.  In my head, I list surnames that derived from occupations (Taylor, Carver, Smith, Mason, Wright) and words that are fun to say (syzygy, parallelogram, lugubrious).

I also think about getting older and my body changing while my mind seems to stay the same.  I picture myself driving next to a logging truck and being crushed by a falling log.  Or being flattened in a parking garage.  Freak accidents — I think about those a lot.

I think about shoes. Fish. Volcanoes. Music. Roses. Amnesia. Bad habits. Burnt matches.  Getting lost. Finding treasure. Convertibles.

Does anybody really care what i think about?  Likely not.  But when you’re alone with just your thoughts to keep you company — are you like me? Does your mind wander aimlessly as mine does, or do you think about what to make for dinner, list the chores you have left to do, or remind yourself to call your mom?

My thoughts are non-productive.  Sure, there are times when I actually have to think about something I have to do, and sometimes I’m solving problems in my head. But I rather enjoy what comes to mind when it doesn’t really matter.

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12 thoughts on “What I Think”

  1. Yes. I think and think and think some more. I solve everyone’s problems but my own. I do think about what it would be like to be a man, to fly, to be 10,000 miles from home and not know a single soul. Much of what I think about nowadays is the future, but I also think about what it was like to be young (long ago) and what I would do differently if I had the chance. My dreams are usually in color and very real. I often wish I could remember them because sometimes they are hilarious. When I am by myself I have imaginary conversations with all sorts of people. I don’t daydream much, but before every big decision I make I do a series of ‘what if’ scenarios. Not sure if that is daydreaming, dry runs, or proof of wanting to be in control. But seriously, folks, I think. A lot.

    1. Problem solving is especially fun when it’s not your problem to solve. 😉 And in your head, there are no boundaries; you can challenge yourself to be creative. I do wonder sometimes, though, about the difference in people and how they think. Some folks limit themselves to what is known, remembered, or expected — the inside of the box, if you will. I wonder why they think that way, when my thoughts are more like scrambled eggs.

  2. Right now my mind has wandered right out of PSNS (it’s 3 PM on a Friday)…
    All day long I mentally list things to accomplish after work; but once I hit that recliner in the living room I’m out like a light…I’m just a night-owl in a dayshift world.

  3. YES!!! My mind wanders all the time and I really hate it when it happens during church…lol!

    The logs on the truck and the parking garage thing are my thing too. I can even see myself falling overboard on the ferry crossing to Seattle, hence, I don’t go outside and stand by the rail any longer. I daydream about being in love and being married again…the list goes on and one.


  4. After reading this, I am once again afraid to drive around logging trucks. After watching the second Final Destination movie, it took years for me not to imagine a log truck dumping its load on me while driving down the road.

    1. I have not seen any of those movies, actually, and now that I know that scene is in there, I never will. That is a very real fear for me.

  5. The Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 hammered that one home for me. Photos of collapsed freeways and buildings took my breath away.

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