The Continuing Story of Bo, the Epileptic Chihuahua

“Feed me, Seymour!”

– Audrey II, Little Shop of  Horrors

With little dogs like Bo and Camo, you have to be very conscious of where you put your feet and what is at their eye level. You also understand that anything on the floor is fair game. I joke that maybe I should have named them “Kirby” and “Hoover,” our living vacuums. Mr. Stuck seems to accidentally drop little dinner morsels from time to time, even though it is his rule not to feed them table scraps. It does not matter what it is– if something rolls off the counter, consider it gone. It is not limited to food, either. My ear buds fell from my desk a few days back, and it was a good thing they were still plugged in to my computer, because Bo seized one and began to trot away. Fortunately, I was able to recover it before the slack ran out. His eyesight is not very good, so pretty much anything looks like food to him.

Bo has learned to respond very quickly to any activity in the kitchen that he thinks may lead to him being fed. When he is hungry, he will let you know. Normally, I use a toddler gate to keep him out of the kitchen while I am cooking, and he sits on the other side and watches me intently. If he notices that the gate is merely propped up, he will knock it down and clamber over it or find a way around it.

Yesterday, I was clearing off the counter to make space for my cutting board. I had not yet sequestered Bo, and he was milling around underfoot. As I moved a couple of things, I heard something small hit the floor, and then the scurry of little paws. As I came to get what dropped, Bo was already there, crunching happily away.  At first, I did not know what he had and then it hit me – the strong smell of raw garlic.  I laughed out loud!  Bo greedily wolfed down his special ‘treat’ and seemed very pleased with himself.

Smilin Bo

I took to the internet to see if garlic is toxic to dogs.  Opinions vary –with some touting garlic as a natural digestive aid and immunity booster –but apparently, he was not adversely affected by the small amount he ate.  We kept an eye on him, anyway.  This is not the first time.  Over the years, he has pounced on lettuce, potato peelings, dust bunnies, grape tomatoes (the ones that miss when Number Young Son is tossing them into his mouth), pillow feathers, sweet potatoes, and bananas, among other things.  Now, we can add garlic to that list.

Bo should be safe from fleas, ticks, and vampires.

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