The RCC — Because Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day. (Plus Bonus!)


This post is long past due — my apologies to the rest of the crew.

The Rome Construction Crew, or RCC, is the delightful brainchild of Bradley, whose blog, Green Embers, is full of his writing, his drawings, and his humor.
He says:

Being a member of the Rome Construction Crew is about working on ourselves and to always be improving who we are.
Many people have different things they want to accomplish, write the next great novel, learn to be a master chef, helping those closest to them learn to love, finish school, get a job and many other things.
What the Rome Construction Crew is for is to help encourage YOU to accomplish YOUR goals!

The folks in the Crew are very supportive and full of encouragement and ideas.  I joined them to help me with my blogging and my discipline.
Here is the list of members and their blogs.  There are some very talented people out there — go check them out and show them some love!

BONUS — Charles of Legends of Windemere is offering a free e-book this weekend!  Click for details!

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