In Touch

If you
had mentioned before
that, in the brave future,
my thoughts would reach even those I’ve never met,

I would not have believed.

Yet —
strong and unafraid, the words wail and weep and whisper,
to no one,
to everyone,

to you.


photo credit Brian Smithson (Old Geordie)

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Aging like a fine wine. ;-)

4 thoughts on “In Touch”

  1. powerfully poignant…those are my favorite two words this week! I really like how this made me think how when we blog we are reaching people all over the world and we probably won’t ever meet any of them. Amazing, huh?

    1. Thanks! Yeah, that is a humbling thought. I think it’s cool that more and more folks are checking out the blog posts. But who’da thunk it, that we may never know how far our reach extends?

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