The Technical Writer

Neck-deep in the workaday words
of engineer argot
and industry,
Practically drowning in practicality,

I feel a flutter
of gypsy-colored heartsong;
Carefree, it does not belong
with crisp and careful language.

I welcome the diversion
of sweet, emotional perfumery;
Then, with a sigh, return
to the task at hand,

One pithy paragraph at a time.


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Aging like a fine wine. ;-)

4 thoughts on “The Technical Writer”

  1. Another winner! Makes you wish you got paid to people-watch or daydream. But, until that happens, technical writing with moments of ‘gypsy-colored heartsong’ will have to do.

  2. “of gypsy-colored heartsong; of sweet, emotional perfumery;” these 2 lines are delicious. This probably sounds weird, but they tasted good. I love the imagery they bring to mind. Beautiful poem 🙂

  3. Thanks, Kira! I love it when those kinds of phrases pop into my head and make me write them down. Then I have to figure out what to do with them. No, the taste good comment isn’t weird at all…I’m glad you like them.

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