A Yellow Sports Car

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5/8 Daily Prompt: Success!
Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.

When I saw the May 8th prompt above (yeah, I’m a bit behind, sorry), my mind cast immediately back to one of those moments where everything I’d hoped would happen actually did — only I didn’t consider it success as much as justice.  Sweet, sweet justice.

I’ve mentioned before that I commute to and from work each day, about a 50-mile round trip.  I vary the route to keep from turning into an automaton mid-drive, but there are only so many variations I can make.  One leg of my route is state highway, and it can get pretty congested if something happens on the ramps.

This was the case one sunny afternoon when we were all anxious to get home and relax.  In the mix of commuters was a yellow sports car, a convertible, whose driver was even more anxious, apparently.  He was aggressively changing lanes, weaving in and out, tailgating, and generally being a jerk.  He was a ways behind me, but I could see his advance in the mirror.  Up ahead, something happened that caused our eastbound lanes to slow way down.  Not long after that, we came to a near standstill.  I was coming up the hill when I saw that Yellow Sports Car had made his way to the shoulder and was now screaming up beside me, passing everyone on the right.  I heard some honks, but he pretended not to as he sped off.

Traffic was pretty darned slow for a while.  We inched our way uphill, exchanging glances with the other drivers that conveyed our frustration and eventual resignation to yet another screwed up commute.  It was hot, and I felt sorry for the folks who didn’t have AC; sitting in a hot car is no fun.

As I made it over the top and down the other side, I laughed out loud.  Seems Yellow Sports Car hadn’t counted on State Trooper to be parked on the shoulder near the accident that caused the backup.  Stupid, you say?  Why, YES!  Ding! Ding! Ding!

Mine wasn’t the only horn to toot a cheerful greeting to the more-than-welcome State Trooper.  I don’t think anyone was ever so happy to see him.  Except maybe for one guy.

When people are jerks on the road — and I know we all have encountered a few — we always think, Where’s a cop when you need one?  Because, you know, they are never there.  Friends of mine who commute by bicycle and motorcycle have told me some hair-raising stories where they really wished there had been a police officer, sheriff, or state trooper nearby.

But that day, that day of days — I will always remember with a smile on my face.  So you see, when things turned out as I had hoped, it not so much success as it was justice.  And it was sweet.

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2 thoughts on “A Yellow Sports Car”

  1. Ah, yes. I am reminded of the radiology tech at the old Deaconess hospital who told me what he did to protect himself while commuting on his motorcycle: He was so fed up with closer than close-calls, he decided to install an airhorn on his bike. It was a full-sized bike, but no Harley. This guy was a SD Adventist, and took no unnecessary chances. His only regret (a slight one, he said) was seeing the panic on little old ladies’ faces when he would LAY on the horn if it appeared they were going to run a stop sign. He said the horn never failed to bring any vehicle to a dead stop and that his life had been saved many times. Good to know. True story.

    1. Dang! That’s a good idea — and that’s why Harley riders say ‘Loud Pipes Save Lives.’ There are always jerks out there, but I think there are even more folks who are just not very observant or who are distracted.

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