My Alphabet of Songs: E

Appreciate music, I do.

ABCD-E!  I love music — hope you do, too!

  1. Easy Lover by Phil Collins and Philip Bailey – love the harmony on this.
  2. Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles – one of my faves from the Fab Four.  My mother sang her own silly words to it.  
  3. Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys – a great karaoke song, and just a fun song to sing.  Everyone’s heard it — Giddyup, a-oom papa oom papa mow mow/heigh-ho Silver, away!
  4. Even Flow by Pearl Jam – when this first hit the airwaves and I heard it, I couldn’t get enough. All that long hair and flannel sure looks dated now, but Eddie Vedder rocks my world. 😉
  5. Every Breath You Take by The Police – I call this the Stalker Anthem.
  6. Everybody Plays the Fool by the Main Ingredient – I go through phases where I will play nothing but 70’s Motown/Philly groups like the O’Jays, the Spinners, the Temptations, the Stylistics, and these guys.  Trivia: Actor Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s father, Cuba Gooding, Sr., sings lead on this song.
  7. Every Picture Tells a Story by Rod Stewart – Love this song.  This album made Rod red-hot with Maggie May.
  8. Evil Woman by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) – ELO’s fusion of classical strings and rock ‘n’ roll is a winner, in my opinion.  Lots of ELO on my iPod.
  9. Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks – I end up humming or singing harmony with this song.  I dig that beat.  Stevie has a strange, raspy voice, and this song fits her.
  10. Easy to Be Hard by Three Dog Night – I’m a kid who grew up on 70’s AM radio, and these guys were always on rotation.  Huge fan!
  11. El Paso by Marty Robbins – What a classic.  This is as much a part of my childhood as anything, because my Pa sang his own version.
  12. Elenore by the Turtles – My favorite by them.  Written as an “F-You” to their record company for always wanting another ‘Happy Together’ mega-hit, this song nonetheless climbed the charts, even with lyrics like, “you’re my pride and joy, et cetera.”

Well, I have to stop here and leave it at a dozen, or I will find five or six more.  Lots of good “E” songs!  Enjoy!

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