This Is What She Wants Most.

It isn’t much, she reasoned.  I mean, it’s not as if anyone has to pay for it.  Not really. 

It was Grandma who gave her the idea.  Grandma, who proudly called herself a groovy chick, had a lot of ideas.  She liked to think about things.  Being with Grandma meant lots of thinking, and talking, about Things.  Grandma always told her, “Use your noggin.”  She wasn’t sure exactly what a “noggin” was, but she figured Grandma was telling her to think.

So she did.

She stayed awake all night thinking about it.  The more she thought, the more she had to think.  She sharpened a pencil to a fine point and scratched some words in a spiral-bound notebook.  Then she smiled a satisfied smile and went to sleep.

Her eyes flew open at the sound of Grandma calling the chickens for their breakfast.  “Bawwwk-bawk-bawk,” the woman sang, and the birds came running.  She pulled the curtain to watch.  She admired her grandma for keeping her promises.  That was one thing she could always count on: if Grandma said she’d do something, she’d do it.

When Grandma came back to the house, she found one very excited little girl.  “Grandma,” she said, “I thought about what we talked about all night, and I have an idea.”  She sat at the kitchen table while her grandmother washed up and put some water on for tea.  The girl continued.  “Remember when we were talking about what makes people sad and what makes people happy?  And you said that sometimes it takes very little to make people happy?  Well, then I was thinking about what I could do, and I wanted to ask you something.  Do you think we could do it together?  You and me?”

“Do what, honey?”  said Grandma as she set out the cups.

“Make people happy, Grandma.  You and me.”

“What do you have in mind?” the woman asked kindly.

“Well, I have to find out what they want most and then give it to them.”  She said it with a child’s earnestness.  “Will you help me?”

“Of course, sweetheart.  Now drink your tea.”



The above was inspired by a book that was given to me not long ago, called 642 Things To Write About, by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.  It is just as it says – a book of 642 writing topics.  Interestingly, it was written in one 24-hour period, from one person’s idea, but it is a collaborative effort.  It is inspired, it is terrific, and I really appreciate the gift!  You’ll see more of these topics pop up as time goes by. 


 photo credit: Keoni Cabral



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