Give and Take.

A little give and take for the new year…

Give thanks.  What if you woke up tomorrow with only those things you gave thanks for today?

Give it a rest.  Are you still worrying, resisting, or struggling?  Time to lay those burdens down.

Give back.  Life goes so much better when you share the blessings you have.  Consider the many different ways you can pay it back or pay it forward.

Give a damn.  Put your enthusiasm to work.  Have a stake in what you do.

Take your time.  What was it that our dads always said?  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Take heart.  Don’t be discouraged. Finding the right person, the right career, or the right opportunity all takes time.

Take heed.  Good advice can save you, so pay attention.  However, not all advice is good advice, so be careful in weighing its import.

Take care.  Be good to yourself and others.

Take a break.  Don’t burn yourself out.  We live in an “I want it now!” society, but you don’t have to live at that pace.  Relax.



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