Stop Calling Me Shirley.


Surely someone will look,
but pretend not to see

Surely somehow they’ll make this
all about me

Surely somewhere lies waiting
that which I’ve lost

Surely somebody’s paying,
regardless of cost

Surely someday I won’t feel
so damned insecure

Surely something  to love
instead of endure.


2-11-15 RLP




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Aging like a fine wine. ;-)

4 thoughts on “Stop Calling Me Shirley.”

  1. Perfect words, and nice play using them. Yet under it all, hitting the truth so many are not willing to admit, or write anything about it. Your good honey, kindred souls we are.

    1. Thank you, Jamie. Don’t know where these things come from, but when they do, I listen and write them down. Sometimes I have to listen closely to hear what the words really say.
      Kindred souls we are, indeed. xoxoB

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