Turning Into A Curmudgeon.


I see more and more Medicare/AARP kinds of junk mail now.   Vitamins and supplements.  Pharmaceuticals.  Reverse mortgages.  Sensibly-clad models in their 60’s smile vacantly from a glossy ad for a new ‘independent living’ facility.  Our old TV idols and favorite performers are hawking long term care insurance.  The boomers are retiring and we’re aging not-so-gracefully.  
Like kicking and screaming, I mean. What the heck?! 
Is every generation surprised when they start hitting 50 (or 60 or whatever) and they’re not ready? Does time sneak up on everyone and blindside us all?  I feel like I was walloped.   (Now listen to Wallop the Cat by the Wicked Tinkers.  Music begins around 1:15.  Did I tell you I love these guys?  Drums, pipes and kilts.  What’s not to love?)
I mean, yeah, some folks seem like they were born old already…my teachers in elementary school seemed pretty ancient. But it seems like POW! I went from being a kid to being a young parent to being one of the ‘elders.’ Weird. And too soon. Way, way too soon.
I think the boomer generation – my generation – is steadily moving up toward the place where the ones before us are all gone save for a lone few, and it is kinda scary.  It means mortality, and not all of us are ready, if you know what I mean.
But it is inevitable.  Our turn is coming.  I understand, even if I’m not thrilled about it.
I just don’t want to see it in my mailbox, yknow?
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Aging like a fine wine. ;-)

4 thoughts on “Turning Into A Curmudgeon.”

  1. Yeah…..it’s one thing looking back at yourself in the mirror and deciding that you do indeed have 2 chins and have too many wrinkles, and quite another when every other piece of mail reminds you over and over again that you probably won’t live long enough to fully enjoy your retirement. Bah, humbug.

  2. I was just telling get a friend today that I really do not mind getting old! I guess I’ve been ready for it. It is peaceful for me as long as I have the resources I need to be content, safe and comfortable! I do agree with you about the AARP mail! That gets old! Pun!

    1. Hi, Pam! Thanks for visiting and commenting! I’m content with my wrinkles and gray hair and being called “ma’am” all the time. But dang — I don’t need reminders every day! 🙂

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