No Politics, Please – I Just Want Music!

photo credit vtdainfo

While we’re waiting for things to settle down in Washington, D.C., I think a Furlough Playlist is in order:

  1. Why Can’t We Be Friends? by War
  2. We Can Work it Out by The Beatles
  3. Get Along by Guy Sebastian
  4. Break Up to Make Up by The Stylistics
  5. That’s All by Genesis
  6. We Just Disagree by Dave Mason
  7. Right and Wrong by Joe Jackson
  8. Us and Them by Pink Floyd

And last, but not least…

9. Dueling Banjos from Deliverance

I’m not going to comment on the situation in D.C. except to say that being on furlough is a little like vacation and a little like punishment.

Yknow, when my sister and I used to fight when we were kids, Dad would say, ‘take off your glasses and take it outside.’  We’d go outside, take off our glasses and ‘rassle’ awhile until I pulled her long hair and she’d push my face into the ground and make me eat dirt.

Those were the days.