Everyone Has a Story – Here is Mine.

Saluki on 3.15.13 passes 3.15.99 crash site.

Amtrak Saluki passes March 15, 1999 crash site on March 15, 2013. Inset: memorial plaque.


“Take a deep breath,” she said.

Just over two years ago, my friend Bobbi Emel asked if I would be interested in guest posting for her website, The Bounce Blog.  Bobbi’s blog is a great resource for personal development and a great read, as well: she’s a psychotherapist in Los Altos, CA, who specializes in helping people cope with grief, stress, and anxiety.  I guarantee you’ll find something interesting and helpful there.

Bobbi and I are childhood friends, and when we reconnected through Facebook a few years back, we were able to catch up on the years in between.  When she asked me if I’d like to share my grief story on her blog, I was honored to do so.  So here is my story.

The article is called, Resilience: “Sometimes Life Hands You a New Normal.”

More here on Wikipedia.


photo credit Buddahbless  (Imagine my surprise to find this very photograph.)

Versatile Blogger Award

Kira from Wrestling Life has graciously awarded me this Versatile Blogger Award.  Her blog is the day-to-day of recovery and gratitude.  Go there and show her some support!

Versatile Blogger Award

Part of this award is listing 7 things about myself:

  1. I love war movies and prison movies.  (Saving Private Ryan and The Shawshank Redemption are at the top, but Papillon, Patton, and anything with John Wayne in it are right up there.)
  2. I went to Paris a few years ago and would love to go back.
  3. My favorite sandwich is a Reuben.
  4. I have one tattoo.
  5. I don’t have a sweet tooth, unless you wave dark chocolate under my nose.
  6. I used to play flute and piccolo in my high school marching band.
  7. I quit smoking 7 1/2 years ago with hypnotherapy.  Best thing ever!

I’m also supposed to pass the award along to 15 bloggers I like.  Since I’m new to the blogging world, I haven’t even seen 15 blogs yet…so I’ll have to finish up this part in a few days. 😉
Thanks, Kira, for something fun to do and something new to put on my blog!