Blue Christmas.


So it’s crunch time. People are feeling rushed and stressed and irritable, and even people who really love this time of year are on edge. Christmas isn’t merry for everyone, for a lot of reasons. Some folks don’t share the faith. Some don’t care. For some, pain and suffering is in the forecast.

Lots of reasons.

But this has occupied my head rent-free for a while: how tough it can be to wade through other people’s expectations this time of year.

If you don’t feel it, you can’t force it. And nobody likes faking it, but sometimes it’s just easier that way. I get it. I do. When it hurts, you want it to stop.

So I acknowledge that this is the bottom part of the cycle of life. It isn’t any fun, so I’m sorry if you’re going through it this year. I’m here to say that it’s normal and expected, but don’t stay there too long, for your own sake.

When you are hurting, for one reason or another, it’s easy to lose hope and see life painted with a dull palette.  I think we forget that it is not life that changes; it is our perception of it.


I hope you find yourselves in a good place this season. And I hope it gets better as time goes on. We begin a new year soon.

Thanks for being here.



photo credit: Greencolander