Turning Into A Curmudgeon.


I see more and more Medicare/AARP kinds of junk mail now.   Vitamins and supplements.  Pharmaceuticals.  Reverse mortgages.  Sensibly-clad models in their 60’s smile vacantly from a glossy ad for a new ‘independent living’ facility.  Our old TV idols and favorite performers are hawking long term care insurance.  The boomers are retiring and we’re aging not-so-gracefully.  
Like kicking and screaming, I mean. What the heck?! 
Is every generation surprised when they start hitting 50 (or 60 or whatever) and they’re not ready? Does time sneak up on everyone and blindside us all?  I feel like I was walloped.   (Now listen to Wallop the Cat by the Wicked Tinkers.  Music begins around 1:15.  Did I tell you I love these guys?  Drums, pipes and kilts.  What’s not to love?)
I mean, yeah, some folks seem like they were born old already…my teachers in elementary school seemed pretty ancient. But it seems like POW! I went from being a kid to being a young parent to being one of the ‘elders.’ Weird. And too soon. Way, way too soon.
I think the boomer generation – my generation – is steadily moving up toward the place where the ones before us are all gone save for a lone few, and it is kinda scary.  It means mortality, and not all of us are ready, if you know what I mean.
But it is inevitable.  Our turn is coming.  I understand, even if I’m not thrilled about it.
I just don’t want to see it in my mailbox, yknow?
image credit: Ethan Prater