My Alphabet of Songs: Q

So I’m up to Q with my Alphabet now…except that the only Q song on my iPod is a remix of Quiet Storm by Smokey Robinson, and the only other Q song I can think of is Que Sera Sera.  Um, no.

So let’s go with my favorite Q band — Queen.

This one is dedicated to Paul, the biggest Queen fan I know.  Here are some lesser-known Queen songs to help us remember that Queen wasn’t just a band with a few iconic pop tunes.  Be sure to listen to the last one — Freddie’s voice really shines.

  1. Don’t Stop Me Now
  2. A Kind of Magic
  3. Living on My Own
  4. I Want it All
  5. I Want to Break Free
  6. Spread Your Wings
  7. Play the Game
  8. It’s A Hard Life
  9. The Miracle
  10. A special treat – a live performance with Freddie and Spanish operatic soprano Montserrat Caballe: Ensueno.

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